Linkcamp. Web efficiency. Reinvented.

We grab data while you explore the almighty Internet.

We suggest content that is relevant to you.

Right there, in your search engine.

Meet Linkcamp

What is Linkcamp ?

Linkcamp is your own virtual librarian.

It watches you browsing the web, remembers what's useful to you, and enhance your search results with your past's discoveries.

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Why Linkcamp ?

We were frustrated doing the same google searches again and again.

So we wrote a simple tool that remembers the content that you find useful, and add it to your search results when googling something.

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How much does it cost ?

Nothing. As in «nada», or «free beer».

And you can download all your content, in a standard file format, whenever you want. You always remain the owner of your content.

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Where can I get it ?

We're currently in private beta, rolling out new accounts each week to lucky fews.

Lucky fews are in order : friends, promoters, waitlist. Your best bet is to subscribe to our waitlist (no spam, really), and wait.

Pure juice, no spam. Promise!

Who's behind Linkcamp?

We're a tiny team of design enthusiasts.

We're french, we love Saint Nectaire and belgian beers.

Our works involve computer science, and a lot of googling. It means, we mostly copy-paste stuff from the internet and pray until it works.

We hate wasting our time twice on the same topic.

This is a hobby, brought with love , dedication and crazyness .